Allauddin Jameel

(Vice Chairman)

The school has flourished and won the trust of parents, who send their children to a place where they are continually learning and having fun, whether they are studying, doing theme-based activities, singing in a music class, taking yoga and aerobics classes, playing games, celebrating birthdays, or even having lunch in the café. We are committed to nurturing our students’ social-emotional development, helping them build the kinds of skills that lead to success both today and in their future, such as collaborating well with others, perspective-taking, resolving conflicts, taking healthy risks, articulating needs and recognizing others’ needs, and having the confidence to experiment, “fail,” adapt, and try again. We are proud to be The Learning Hub Preschool!

It makes me very proud to lead the TLH community, with Asma Allauddin and our qualified and skilled staff. We hope that you will note many of the elements of The Learning Hub that make us unique, including a warm, welcoming environment; a personalized portfolio recording your child’s development; the use of tablets and interactive smart boards to enhance your child’s learning; an understanding and kind staff; and the school’s artistic and playful layout to facilitate learning and teaching.