The preschool regards meal times as an important part of the school day. Eating represents a social time for children and helps them to learn about healthy eating and table manners. After being encouraged to go to the washroom and wash their hands, the children sit together at supervised tables to eat their freshly prepared meals.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Aalo Paratha Tandoori Club Sandwich Chicken Manchurian Boonless Chicken Biryani
Raita Fries White Rice Raita
Banana jelly Fruit Cistard Suji Halwa
Chicken Shashlik Yogurt Chicken Chicken Macaroni Potato Cutlets
Vegetable Fried Rice Fresh Roti Chocolate Brownies/Muffins Naan
Banana Custard Zarda Custard
Chicken Soup Chicken Fried Noodles Chana Palao Egg Vegetable Palao
Egg Sandwich Jelly Raita Raita
Banana Custard Fruit Trifle
Macaroni Chicken Biryani Aalo Qeema Mini Chicken Burger
Pudding (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry) Raita Fresh Roti Fries
Kheer Kheer

Always mindful of healthy eating, we provide your child with a healthy, nutritious lunch. We don’t offer fizzy drinks, sweets, crisps, nuts or chocolate. Children are able to access drinking water throughout the day.

Note: The school reserves the right to change the menu anytime.