Each child will be encouraged to grow and develop at their own pace. Everyday is varied, stimulating, imaginative and creative but just as importantly, everyday is full of fun and happiness. Each day your child will start the morning with a “free play time, which includes playing with blocks, colouring, cutting and pasting, puzzles and books.

A summary of a day at The Learning Hub

Activities offered will vary from day-to-day. We will convey themes and activities via home connection notes attached in students notekeepers.

Daily Routine

Greeting time 30 minutes
Assembly 15 minutes
Free Choice play with various themed activities 15 minutes
The Phonics time 30 minutes
Writing Time 60 minutes
Wash hand, Lunch/clean-up 30 minutes
Outdoor free play 30 minutes
Individual reading 30 minutes
Afternoon work session (Centered Activities Time) 60 minutes
Group exercise, Story Time 20 minutes
Clean-up and closing 10 minutes

Our Staff

Our staff is suitably qualified and competent, well trained, dedicated and very caring. At The Learning Hub each child is treated equally and with respect, as individuals with their own personality. Our staff will listen to your child, recognise and respond to their needs.