When a child joins us, we like to gain as much information and knowledge about them so that we can help them to settle quickly and make their experience happy and enjoyable. Starting at preschool can be a big step – often the first time a child has been away from their family. We are very flexible and work with parents from the onset, to agree to the best way for their child to settle in. We suggest an initial stay and play session, where the parent would stay for the whole of, or part of, a day depending on the individual child. This would then be followed by the normal session with the parent bringing them in, and saying goodbye at the gate. It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from their parents or to cry when being dropped off, especially for the first time. Please make your drop off brief; we will engage your child in play as soon as they arrive to make separation a little bit easier. We are also on hand to give plenty of cuddles and reassurance, if required. Please feel free to call after a short interval, to reassure yourself that your child has settled. We also give certificates to the children at the end of their first day at school.


Toileting Children must be toilet trained by the 1st day of school. We do understand that accidents may occasionally happen. We can provide a change of clothing, however if you think your child will be prone to toilet accidents, please send an extra set of clothing to school. Our staff is always there to help and assist when needed.

Clothing or uniform

Preschool is a place for playing, exploring, experimenting, being creative and having lots of fun. Aprons will be provided but children still manage to get messy and dirty, so please bear this in mind when dressing your child.