The Learning Hub promotes inclusive practice when enrolling children with special needs and strives to provide appropriate learning opportunities for all children. We will evaluate student needs and assess if The Learning Hub is able to benefit the child without compromising the education and safety of other classmates. Children with special needs, are referred to as having ‘special rights’. This recognizes them as strong children who can play a full part in the life of their group. Staff members working with special needs children will concentrate on the following areas:

  • early identification and early intervention
  • inclusive education
  • physical environment
  • partnerships with parents

If your child needs additional support which involves appointing an individual teacher/staff, and resource, the parents will be required to bear the cost.

to provide a rich, varied environment supporting children’s learning and development; giving them the confidence to explore and learn in secure, safe, yet challenging indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • to maintain adult – child ratios, giving generous care and attention to all children.
  • to have a strong parent partnership.
  • to use an effective early childhood curriculum to help children learn and develop through play.
  • to encourage children to form effective relationships with other children and adults.
  • to provide a wide range of resources, activities and opportunities to broaden children’s experiences and awareness of the world around them.
  • to provide opportunities for children to learn to self-care; helping them to gain a sense of self-respect and concern for their own personal hygiene and care, as well as supporting the development of independence skills.
  • to support every child to develop into a secure, confident, imaginative and creative learner.
  • to make school “a fun place to be”.

Our goal is for all children to have happy, loving, safe and of course fun environment that they look forward to coming to every day!